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Vision & Mission

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  • To empower the physically and mentally challenged persons by making them economically independent.
  • By developing and upgrading their skills and talents through vocational training.
  • By creating awareness and sensitivity in society to integrate them with the main stream.
  • By promoting activities for cure and prevention of diseases resulting in deformity and handicap.
  • By striving hard for National and International recognition of the challenges faced by them.


  • To utilize natural resources and technological development to alleviate the sufferings of the physically and mentally challenged persons.
  • To collaborate with the corporate sector in their CSR for the training, placement and rehabilitation.
  • To organize camps in rural areas to provide mobility aids and appliances for self-sufficiency.
  • To enhance computer literacy and other vocational skills for their economic rehabilitation and self-reliance.
  • To organize and participate in campaigns on ‘Access Management’ for the benefit of disabled persons.

Funds to run the institution are generated from donations, sponsors, sale of FPH products, grants from Social Welfare Department of the Govt. of Maharashtra and other resources.

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