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Our Founder

Mrs. Fathema Ismail

“My country is the extension of my home, and I do for other children what I have so courageously done for my own children” is the resounding belief of the revered soul Late Mrs. Fathema Ismail – Padmashri and a member of Parliament.

Her Polio affected daughter’s plight motivated her to work like one possessed. The day her daughter was normal, Mrs. Ismail was determined to do for other physically challenged what she did for her daughter. Thus was born the “Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped” in 1956 with Fathema Ismail known as the ‘Mother of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped’.

Her indomitable spirit and relentless will to work, made her one of the greatest social workers that India has ever produced. The Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped is forever indebted to her.