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Success Stories

We make them believe in themselves. Like all of us they have their euphoric highs and heart breaking lows. We help them in overcoming their barriers and encourage them to transform them into a light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some of the success stories of the handicapped persons in their own words who have benefited from FPH.

Vishranti Namdev Bhagwat

I am a disabled person having Paraplegic Polio. At present I am working as a Assistant Manager in a Shipping Company and earning salary of Rs.40,000/-. I am a Commerce graduate from Pune and have completed the Computer Management Course. I am also working as General Secretary for Handicapped Guidance and Development Cell and would like to start a placement service for the disabled people. I have received an award for doing social activities for the handicapped. I am an active Journalist espousing the cause of the physically challenged. I am indebted to FPH for giving me an un-conditional support and guidance.

Ashok Shankar Daphal

I am working as a Typist-cum-Clerk in Mumbai Port Trust and earning salary of Rs.35,000/- p.m. I am a disabled person having polio in one leg. I won the Maharashtra Apang Mitra Fellowship award in 2005. I am an active worker of the National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped at Chembur. I am very grateful to FPH for encouraging me and giving me an opportunity to work as a Time-Keeper, Store-keeper in the Machine Shop, after coming to Mumbai from my village.

Ashok Shankar Daphal

When I was ten years old, my leg was fractured and due to severe complications I have undergone several operations on my leg. Finally my leg was amputated. Now, I am walking without crutches with support of artificial limbs. I had taken training in the Printing Department of FPH and received good knowledge of printing. I am very grateful to FPH for its support to start my own Printing Press with two machines which enabled me to give employment to four handicapped girls. I received a special award “Suneeta Devi Singhania Award” from National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped at Chembur.