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Mr. Atul Desai

Mr. Atul Desai, an accomplished Architect by profession, has been steering the activities of FPH for over two decades. He has been a pioneer in several activities that have been giving hopes and encouragement to hundreds of trainees who otherwise would have lost all hopes of being able to mingle in the mainstream of society.

President’s Message

Let us widen our vision and expand our mind and then you will see a wondrous world awaiting you’.

The world is engaged in transformational initiatives and programs. Genuine and conscious efforts are being made to accept the physically challenged as part of the mainstream. Today, jobs are offered to them not on the grounds of compassion but due to their dedication, commitment and honesty.

Access to various public places, educational institutions, banks and offices has become more convenient than before, but these efforts are just the beginning. Understanding, awareness and action are required from policy makers and town planners to make the change phenomenal.

It has always been our endeavour at FPH to encourage all possible means to cater to the needs of the handicapped and create awareness and sensitivity towards them in the society.

My message to our trainees at FPH and to the differently abled at large is to help yourselves. No one else would know about your problems better than you do.

Have confidence in yourself and feel the change and power within you. You can change the whole world with your inner power not only for your benefit but also for the welfare of society. You are the most important part of  FPH. Enjoy life whichever way it has been bestowed upon you by God.